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Will you knock it off!? Sheesh! A bird could develop a complex around here!


Mark's YouTube Channel

Nathan's YouTube Channel

Ragan's YouTube Channel

MultiRotor / Drone Stuff

Ready to fly racing miniquads - See TBS VENDETTA - See Vortex 250 Pro

In addition to the ready to fly MiniQuad, you will need:

Radio Transmitter - FrSky Taranis X9D Plus or other brand like Specktrum DX series

Batteries - typical - LiPo 1300 mAh

Battery Charger

FPV Goggles - Fat Shark - You can get almost anything related to Miniquads and FPV flying here including batteries, goggles, etc.

YouTube Channels related to FPV MiniQuads

Mr. Steele

Joshua Bardwell

Rotor Riot